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Welcome to the September FGFD Insider!
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This month, MSA has many exciting announcements including: Enhancements to the Chillgard 5000 platform, our new CalGard Remote Calibration Adapter, the GM4000 phase-out, a feature article on the XCell ammonia sensor, a new GlobalSpec webinar, and literature updates. Before reading, please be aware of the recent security alert highlighted in the first article.


Welcome to September's Insider!  We have some great news for this month.  First, we are launching enhancements to our Chillgard 5000 product platform including an expansion of our refrigerant library to 38 gases, a new ammonia unit, and a remote display to provide entry way signaling.  Be sure to check out all the materials on this exciting launch.  We also have a new accessory for the X/S platform - the CalGard Remote Calibration Adapter.  This will make it easier than ever to calibrate remote digital sensors and set us apart from the competition.  Other announcements include an update on the GM4000 series phase-out, a great article featuring our XCell ammonia sensor, a new GlobalSpec webinar, and literature updates.  Happy reading and keep safe!

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