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CEO Fraud Security Alert!
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Please be aware that there have been recent fraudulent e-mails received by our channel partners impersonating MSA's CEO. Thank you in advance for being conscientious of this situation and playing a key role in MSA's overall security.


CEO Fraud is a popular tactic used by threat actors to steal money and confidential information from organizations.  As a $26 Billion scam, CEO Fraud is a threat from which all organizations should be cautious.

MSA has recently been made aware that multiple channel partners received an e-mail attempting to impersonate our CEO, Nish Vartanian.  Recipients who reply to the e-mail would be notified of a fraudulent account to wire funds to, in order to pay for discounted items.

We would like to ask for your continued diligence to all e-mails received with reference to MSA.  First and foremost, we would like to remind everyone that all e-mails sent from our CEO will be signed as "Nish" not "Nishan."  Other red flags that have been noted include:

  • Ceo punctuation is incorrect and should be CEO.
  • From e-mail address is NJV@msasafety.com, which does not match MSA's format.
  • Overall poor sentence grammar.
  • Request for an urgent reply within 24 hours.
  • Tabs across bottom are not active hyperlinks.

We appreciate your attention to this matter as we rely on each of you to play a key role in the overall security of MSA.  Please direct any questions you may have to the MSA CSI team at CSI@MSAsafety.com.

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