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Voice Communication for Fire Service – Let’s talk!
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Upgrade your MSA Fire Helmets & Full-Face Masks with Voice Communication Sets at a Special Price!

In firefighting, voice communication is key to the safety of first responders, the support teams and, of course, any potential victims. It’s the #1 top concern of our end customers.
To answer to these needs, MSA offers unique voice communication solutions:
• Helmet-mounted communication headsets to fit to the GALLET F1XF helmet or
• Mask-mounted communication headsets to fit to the G1 mask.

You want to upgrade your GALLET F1XF fire helmets and/or G1 masks for an enhanced team talk? MSA designed an end-year program promotion  with special prices the MSA sets of communication: Headset & PTT/RSM.

Please read our promotion flyers, describing the available sets and other important information like the promotion conditions:

• C1 Communication Module for G1 Mask EN NL
• GALLET F1XF Communication Headset EN NL