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NEW! XCell® TruCal® Diffusion Supervision Electrochemical Sensors
  • Fixed Gas & Flame Detection Fixed Gas & Flame Detection
MSA’s breakthrough TruCal – extended calibration technology is now available with Diffusion Supervision, another step toward the autonomous operation of H2S and CO sensors. Learn how this breakthrough technology listens and can alert you for blocked electrochemical sensor conditions.

MSA is extremely excited to launch the next stage of our industry leading gas sensor platform - Diffusion Supervision is now available on the XCell CO and H2S sensors for both ULTIMA X5000 and General Monitors S5000 Gas Detectors!

Diffusion Supervision is a technological revolution in electrochemical sensors and is an important step in the evolution of our gas detection platform. Diffusion Supervision warns if the sensor inlet becomes blocked and unable to detect gas. It employs a proprietary acoustic mechanical design and algorithms to measure sound across the sensor’s inlet. If the inlet is blocked with a material, like ice, the difference in the sound is detected and the unit is put into fault warning mode. When the obstruction is removed, Diffusion Supervision detects the clearance and returns to normal operation.

TruCal, the combination of Adaptive Environmental Compensation and Diffusion Supervision greatly enhances the safety of gas detection and provides the opportunity to significantly lower the cost of ownership of your CO and H2S gas detection.

Process, plant and safety engineers can rest assured of accurate gas sensor functionality.  TruCal technology automates much of the hard work previously performed by technicians.  It allows for continuous supervision to avoid missed or false alarms that can result in accidents or reduced productivity while at the same time freeing plant technicians to attend to other tasks throughout the plant, to reduce labour costs.

Please visit the new TruCal landing page EN NL and view updated and translated animations summarising TruCal technology as well as other materials with Diffusion Supervision.

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