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Why the Hamburg Fire Brigade chose the M1 SCBA System
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Did you know that the Hamburg Fire Brigade, the second biggest city of Germany, has switched to the M1 SCBA of MSA? Learn which of the M1 features were the most convincing.

MSA is proud that the Hamburg Fire Brigade, Germany has recently chosen the “Made in Germany” M1 SCBA Platform EN NL to protect their firefighters. After a comprehensive selection process, the M1 SCBA convinced firefighters and decision-makers in many aspects. Besides 2.800 SCBAs and demand valves, the order also includes G1 full face masks.

The main features which made Hamburg decide for the M1 SCBA are:
• Future-readiness
• Excellent ergonomics and handling
• G1 mask with high wearing comfort and low breathing noise

The M1 breathing apparatus represents the most advanced, ergonomic and modular SCBA system on the market which was designed and developed side-by-side with firefighters. This all-new breathing apparatus platform includes several innovative and customizable features that help to enhance hygiene and improve comfort.