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Understanding Industrial Helmet Safety Markings
  • Head, Eye, Face and Hearing Head, Eye, Face and Hearing
Are you up to date with the safety markings engraved on your industrial safety helmet shell? It’s important to know what’s what when it comes to your head protection. One day you may need to check the approvals of your hard hat: Is it electrically insulated? Is it antistatic certified? Is it OK for low temperatures? You won’t always have the product manual to hand, so get to know the markings today with our quick infographic guide.

Understanding industrial helmet safety markings is not only important for your own knowledge, it’s important for your safety.

Safety and informative markings are always provided on your head protection. But are you aware of their meanings? Our simple go-to guide below provides you with the most important information you need to know in understanding the safety essentials:

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