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New 1.8 m V-EDGE Mini PFL announced
  • Fall Protection, General Fall Protection, General
Discover our new 1.8 m V-EDGE Mini PFL designed for use across several applications requiring a personal self-retracting lanyard, including leading edge environments.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new leading edge certified 1.8 m V-EDGE Mini PFL.

Engineered for overhead or foot-level anchorage, the V-EDGE PFL fits almost any application requiring a personal self-retracting lanyard - simplifying the user's product selection! Available in various combinations, the V-EDGE PFLs are extremely lightweight, made with premium durable material, available in single or twin versions, and can be paired with different hooks and carabiners.

The 1.8 m V-EDGE Mini PFL is already available

Download all 1.8m V-EDGE Mini PFL product details and marketing material here.

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