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V-Gard® 930 Helmet with Integrated Eye Protection
  • Head, Eye, Face and Hearing Head, Eye, Face and Hearing
The V-Gard 930 helmet provides premium built-in eye protection for added comfort, protection and increased ease of use. What are the other benefits?

Benefits of Choosing Integrated Eye Protection

The MSA V-Gard 930 helmet comes with integrated eye protection - but what are the benefits?

1) Increased Safety:
- The eye protection is readily available when the operator needs it - no more excuses of forgotten safety glasses!
- Integrated over-spectacles offer superior protection against impact compared to standard safety glasses.
- Eye protection is kept away from damage when not in use - safety glasses can be more easily damaged when not in use.

2) Cost Saving: 
- Less additional safety eyewear required - loss and damage of safety glasses can be frequent in the field.
- No added requirement for prescription safety glasses! The V-Gard 930 over-spectacles fit over prescription glasses.

3) Value Added Features:
- Panoramic and natural field of vision.
- Intelligent 2D adjustment for a comfortable fit.
- Increased safety with the MSA-only rubber seal to ensure gap free eye protection.
- Grade B (120m/s) impact protection lens.
- Premium anti-fog/anti-scratch lens coating (K & N EN166).
- A grip area with smooth rail system allows for quick and easy lens stowing, even with gloves.

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