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G1 Mask Filter Ready Option
  • Supplied-Air Respirators Supplied-Air Respirators
Did you know that you can convert your G1 mask into a filter device – within just a few seconds?

For post firefighting applications or during decontamination of chemical protective suits we offer a filter adapter (P/N 10039412) that allows the connection to the RD40 filter 93 ABEK2 Hg P3 (P/N 10097232) or 93 ABEK CO NO Hg P3 (P/N 10160507). With this option you can easily convert your positive pressure G1 mask into a filter device and make savings in the management of your mask fleet.
IMPORTANT: You also need to buy the hook spanner (P/N 10043231) as the filter adapter should not be removable by hand, from the filter.

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