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GALLET F1XF: Continuous Product Improvements
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We at MSA continuously investigate improving our products for you. That’s why we have recently implemented 3 modifications on the GALLET F1XF fire helmets: on the sweatband, the impact liner and the headband.

Listening constantly to our customers is an MSA priority. Considering this, we have implemented 3 modifications on the GALLET F1XF fire helmets.

Sweatband: Seams have been added on the front padding (textile version) to improve perceived quality and limit the wrinkles once mounted on the helmet. A better comfort experience is expected with this new padding.
Impact liner: To limit movements, tooling modifications have been made on both M and L impact liners.
Headband: The link between side and rear headband has been secured to prevent that the rear headband adjusters get dislodged.

The above modifications are already effective in production, applied to all complete helmets delivered since May 2019.