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NEW: 4-Point Chinstrap now available for the V-Gard® Hard Hat range
  • Head, Eye, Face and Hearing Head, Eye, Face and Hearing
Developed to increase workers safety, discover the special features of the new Universal 4-Point Chinstrap, including: unmatched comfort, easy adjustment, increased hard hat stability and more.

At MSA Safety, our mission is to continuously improve your safety and comfort. With this, we are pleased to announce the launch of a new Universal 4-Point Chinstrap, compatible with all MSA hard hats.

Why choose the new 4-Point Chinstrap?

Safety first!
• The 4-point connection ensures excellent stability of the hard hat on your head.
• Clear field of vision – the chinstrap does not hinder your view.
• No metallic parts (important when you’re working in electrical applications).

Practical and comfortable!
• Its unique, quick and easy innovative mounting process, directly on the suspension, makes it suitable for use with Fas-Trac® III and Push-Key suspensions (and therefore compatible with all MSA hard hats).
• Easy and secure mounting protects you against any risk of unexpected removal.
• The soft strap (made from OEKO TEX® approved fabric), front adjusters and elastic below the chin make it easily adjustable and very comfortable, even during full shifts.

• Compatible with the use of other PPE e.g. helmet-mounted ear-defenders.
• It can be either mounted during the production process (1-point mounted or 4-point mounted) or ordered separately as an accessory (P/N GA90047) to suit your needs.

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4-Point Chinstrap availability and ordering information:
• Available to order now for use with:
o V-Gard® 200
o V-Gard 500
o V-Gard 520
• Available soon, from the end of Q3 2019 for use with:
o V-Gard
o ThermalGard
• Available from Q4 2019 for use with:
o V-Gard 900 Series

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