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How to increase safety when dealing with compressed air cylinders
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The German Fire Protection Association (vfdb) is a step ahead and includes technical requirements for compressed air cylinders and their valves in the regulations for German fire departments. In addition, MSA also introduces a new safety accessory for the alphaCLICK system.

In order to increase safety when dealing with compressed air cylinders, the vfdb (German Fire Protection Association) in cooperation with the DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) added the safety requirement to only use valves with flow restrictor to the German regulations. These valves must come with a blue handwheel as a uniform identification of the valve. This regulation change in Germany can also promote a similar regulation change in other European countries to increase safety of firefighters.



Please read our Whitepaper for further information.

MSA also makes its contribution to increase safety in the handling of compressed air cylinders and is introducing an accessory for our alphaCLICK I and alphaCLICK II high pressure coupling system. The new plug (10208789) can be used to protect the inside pin as well as the outer surface. If air is released, it will pass the plug without pushing it out of the cylinder. The plug restricts the flow to enhance safety preventing free flow and uncontrolled rotation. It offers additional safety during transport or storage of the cylinder when an alphaCLICK I or II 300 bar cylinder adapter is mounted.



To learn more about alphaCLICK II, see Technical Datasheet.
Also check the Manual showing the connection of the plug with the alphaCLICK cylinder adapter.