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COMING SOON: MSA Connected Firefighter Ecosystem
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What the future holds at MSA...Enhanced vision. Unmatched situational awareness. Total accountability. MSA Connected Firefighter, driven by LUNAR, will be available soon.

During the MSA: Connected Digital Week in June, we gave an exclusive future outlook on our new technologies which are coming later this year and beyond. MSA’s goal is to increase Firefighter Safety with Technology.

The MSA Connected Firefighter solution will be coming soon and includes:

  • LUNAR – a small, wireless, cloud-ready device designed to provide additional levels of protection for firefighters. First to market safety advancements include:
    • Firefighter to firefighter advanced ranging (distance and direction)
    • Out-of-the-box cellular connectivity
    • Edge detection enhanced thermal imaging
    • Integrated GPS
    • Motion and manual rescue alarms
  • Incident Command / Telemetry Solution for local monitoring or remote monitoring with the MSA HUB base station and the M1 SCBA Control Module telemetry version.
  • MSA Cloud-based software FireGrid providing an easily accessible cloud-based software platform that improves firefighter safety by increasing a department’s capability for managing products, people and processes.

Stay tuned over the next weeks… more to come!