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Help to improve your Health and Safety
  • Fire Helmets Fire Helmets
Fire helmet enhancements and accessories can support and increase your protection level.

We at MSA continually strive to improve the long-term health of the firefighters we protect. The GALLET F1XF fire helmet will serve you for years to come. However, we also know that firefighting can take its toll on some of the softer materials used in your helmet. If it’s just wear and tear or the build-up of dangerous levels of contamination and carcinogens, WE CAN HELP.

To keep safety and product hygiene at a high level, it’s important to replace the helmet’s soft goods, such as chinstraps and paddings, from time to time. Adding upgrades like communication or lighting solutions will help you to get the best performance from your helmet.

  • Help to improve your Health, Safety and Product Hygiene with our Fire Helmet Accessories
  • Improve your Team Communication with our Fire Helmet Communication Systems
  • Improve your Visibility with our Fire Helmet Lamps

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