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New White Paper: Benefits of Integrated Head and Face Protection
  • Head, Eye, Face and Hearing Head, Eye, Face and Hearing
Find out why multiple companies across various industries choose integrated head and face protection, rather than the classic helmet plus external visor solution.

Offering various benefits, demand for integrated head and face protection has, arguably, never been so high. It would seem that contractors the world over have begun to recognise the value of equipping workers with fully integrated solutions.

With this in mind, we have published a new whitepaper: Could you benefit from an integrated safety helmet and visor solution? This considers changes taking place across the globe, and what this shift in mentality may mean for the adoption of fully integrated head and face protection in industries where this has not traditionally been the case.

Download our White Paper now, plus don’t miss the opportunity to compare the V-Gard 950, our integrated head and face protection solution, with your current solution by testing it for free at your location!