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Safety io Grid Services – NEW Success Story
  • Portable Gas Detection Portable Gas Detection
See how Ashville Water reduced time spent on managing detectors by 60% and used the time savings to focus on a critical ISO certification.

Asheville Water operates 3 water treatment plants and provides clean water to over 120,000 people in the city of Ashville in the US.  Since 2018 they´ve been using MSA portables to protect their workers in the field and are very satisfied with the product. In 2019 they implemented the Safety io Grid services, that helped them to:

  • streamline the management of their detectors with a 60% time spent reduction.
  • Used those time savings to focus on a critical ISO certification.
  • simplify detector accountability and reporting.

“Because of our Safety io Grid account, we know our detectors are ready for work, and we can verify that workers are using them properly – all in a fraction of the time we used to spend! To top it off, their customer service team is exceptional. I’d recommend Safety io to anyone with a detection program.”
Noel K. Campbell II
Business Service Specialist at City of Asheville Water.

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Visit the new Safety io website and discover how the Grid Services can empower your gas detection program.