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On-Demand Webinars: Next Generation of Fixed Gas Detectors
  • Fixed Gas & Flame Detection Fixed Gas & Flame Detection
Did you miss MSA's latest webinars on technical advancements in fixed gas detectors to keep facilities safe and spare operational costs? Don’t worry - the on-demand version is now available to watch at your convenience!

Watch MSA's latest webinar focused on “Next Generation Fixed Gas Detectors” delivered by our Fixed Gas and Flame Detection specialists, now.

ABOUT THE WEBINAR: This webinar covers unique and patented technologies available from MSA with ULTIMA® X5000 and GM S5000 gas detectors. We discussed how we can help improve gas detection system performance over a time by:

  • eliminating manual steps in your maintenance processes and reducing the cost with TruCal® self-adjusting and monitoring sensor technology for detection of H2S and CO,
  • extending sensor life providing the best cost of ownership with XCell® sensor featuring  industry leading life time and warranty,
  • employing SafeSwap and Dual Sensing technologies further reducing your operational costs.

To view the webinar, visit our TruCal web page and click “View Webinar”.