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LUNAR Personalization Notification
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This notification outlines a potential issue that affects the F.A.S.T. network capabilities of LUNAR.

LUNAR can be configured and personalized using the FireGrid Configure mobile application. In the ‘Personalizations’ section of the app, users are able to write Personal Details (such as First Name, Last Name, and Team Name) to LUNAR to identify units when deployed on-scene (see ‘FireGrid Configure Personalizations’ picture below).

If characters other than printable ASCII characters are entered for Personal Details, this will prevent LUNAR devices from being able to search or be searched within the F.A.S.T. network. Please see the ‘Printable ASCII Characters’ image below for further information. 

Before each use, users must perform visual and operational inspections per the LUNAR User Instructions including ensuring a search can be started. 

MSA is planning on releasing two software updates to address this issue on both the mobile app and device. 

  • February 2022- FireGrid Configure will be updated to prevent users from entering characters other than printable ASCII characters into the Personal Detail fields. 
  • March 2022- LUNAR firmware will be updated to not accept characters other than printable ASCII characters for Personal Details. 

More details will be provided on these upcoming releases in the coming weeks.