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Webinar: How to Increase Operational Efficiency with Remote Connectivity
  • Fixed Gas & Flame Detection Fixed Gas & Flame Detection
Join us for an informative webinar on using remote connectivity to access device data easily and securely for improved operational efficiencies, 24/7.

Customer needs are rapidly evolving when it comes to the access of device data (e.g., alarm status, calibration notifications). This webinar will show how leveraging connectivity and new technologies can help improve safety compliance, safety monitoring, and personal wellness and productivity. Not only does a connected solution help ensure compliance, it can also create much-needed operational efficiencies:

  • Save time and money monitoring remote locations
  • Minimize downtime due to shutdowns and in-person investigations
  • Improve safety by providing full visibility into potentially hazardous situations
  • Enhance communication with real-time alarms and notifications
  • Provide more accurate insight so that assets remain operational, and workers stay safe

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