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"Modes of Protection" Article Featured in Hydrocarbon Engineering
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Hydrocarbon Engineering

About the Article:  Ethylene is the most produced organic compound in the world. It is extremely reactive and explosive over a wide range of concentrations. To circumvent potential hazards, several detection techniques are available to monitor ethylene; catalytic and infrared (IR) detection are the most established, while others like ultrasonic gas leak are emerging. This article compares various sensor principles and evaluates their fit, given their states of development, to ethylene handling.

This article reviews Ethylene detection methods and assesses their potential to mitigate the consequences of gas leaks.

About Hydrocarbon Engineering:  Provides global coverage of the downstream oil and gas sector, with unique industry insight via a combination of news, reviews, comments, analysis, regional reports, case studies, technical articles, and more.

Edward Naranjo, Global Technical Product Manager, General Monitors, wrote the article, "Modes of Protection," on behalf of MSA.

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