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Introducing the Workman® Winch from MSA
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With our patent-pending bracket design, the new Workman Winch is designed for easy, rapid assembly to the Workman Tripod, making for one of the simplest set-ups for confined space entry equipment on the market!

Workman Winch

The economically attractive Workman Winch is ideally suited for lifting, lowering and positioning personnel and materials within confined space applications.  It's rugged construction makes it more than just durable; it's versatile. 

Designed for a maximum 400-lb workload for personnel and a 620-lb workload for materials, the Workman Winch is built with tough thermoplastic housing to ensure high performance within the harshest environments.  Fabricated with ergonomical features, the new Winch offers an integral carrying grip and a unique, foldable handle for simple storage.

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