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MSAfire.com Launches Facebook Page and News Feed
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To deliver more timely and detailed news as it relates to the Fire Service, as well as the latest information on products and services provided by MSA, all while providing a forum for Firefighters and First Responders to voice their opinions and share stories, MSA has launched a News Feed at MSAfire.com and a Facebook page dedicated to the Fire Service.

When You Go In, We Go In With You

MSA is the world's largest supplier of Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus, Thermal Imaging Cameras, Fire Helmets and Portable Gas Detection Equipment. After serving firefighters and rescue teams for almost 100 years, MSA remains committed to providing the Fire Service with product innovations, improvements, service, and support.  At MSA, we take our job very seriously. We believe in tradition and remain dedicated to providing firefighters with the most compelling products and industry information available. 
To keep up with the latest developments:   

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