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Detection Solutions for Pharmaceutical Applications
  • Fixed Gas & Flame Detection Fixed Gas & Flame Detection
Learn how MSA gas and flame detectors provide hazard safety solutions for the pharmaceutical, biopharma, and life sciences industries.

Modern pharmaceutical research laboratories and manufacturing facilities are some of the most complex, demanding, and hygienic process and production environments on earth. Lives depend on the quality of the innovative research underway and the resulting pharmaceutical medicines consumed daily by people worldwide.

These life-saving treatments, however, frequently require the use of hazardous gases and fluids, which are potentially toxic, combustible, or flammable under the wrong conditions. Our mission at MSA is to help pharmaceutical, biopharma, and life sciences companies protect the safety of employees, equipment, facilities, and the surrounding communities from tragic accidents.

MSA gas and flame detectors are installed in nearly all types of pharmaceutical facilities around the globe. From laboratories to small prototype plants to full-scale manufacturing facilities with cold storage and climate-controlled distribution warehouses, MSA understands the importance of the pharmaceutical industry’s FDA sanitary processes and environmental regulations.

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