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Discontinuation Reminder: Chillgard® LE and Chillgard® VRF
  • Fixed Gas & Flame Detection Fixed Gas & Flame Detection
As a reminder, the Chillgard LE and Chillgard VRF will be discontinued effective Dec. 1, 2022. Read full announcement here.

With the acquisition of Bacharach and a successful first year of integrating the MSA and Bacharach brands, the decision was made to discontinue the Chillgard® LE and Chillgard® VRF refrigerant leak detectors. MSA will continue to accept orders until December 1, 2022.

Support of the Chillgard VRF will continue until December 1, 2024, and the Chillgard LE Refrigerant Monitor with spare parts and services will continue until December 31, 2025, or until critical components can no longer be sourced.

MSA will continue to support the refrigerant leak monitoring market with the Chillgard® 5000 Refrigerant Monitor, MSA Bacharach MVR-300 VRF Refrigerant Leak Detector, and other products within the MSA and Bacharach portfolios.