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Blog: Cybersecurity Awareness - 3 Things You Should Know
  • IIoT Gateways IIoT Gateways
October was Cybersecurity Awareness month, but it's never too late to brush up on what you should know about IIoT security.

Hackers, attackers, and intruders. These are the people wreaking havoc on every industry and sector from data centers and energy plants to federal and military establishments to commercial building automation and manufacturing facilities.

Their goal? To intentionally cause harm to organizations and their customers by exploiting computer, Cloud, and software weaknesses so they steal data and maybe even extort money.

As shocking as it is to think about such malicious organizational devastation, it’s also a good reminder of just how important it is to be vigilant about cybersecurity. And since October was National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we thought it was also a good time to help system integrators and facility managers like you brush up on what you should know about IIoT security.