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X/S5000 Junction Box Updates
  • Fixed Gas & Flame Detection Fixed Gas & Flame Detection
Please note recent part number updates for the JB5000 junction box used on the Ultima X5000 and General Monitors S5000 product platform.

Please be advised that recent approval updates have resulted in changes to the ordering part numbers of the Ultima® X5000 and General Monitors® S5000 remote sensor housings.

For the JB5000 Junction Box, used with all X5000 sensors and digital S5000 sensors, please use the following part numbers:

  • P/N 10213892, ¾” NPT
  • P/N 10213896, M25

For the S5000 Junction box — used with the General Monitors IR400, passive catalytic, and passive H2S sensors, and S5000 marine-approved installations, please utilize the following part numbers:

  • 324240-1, CSA, IIB+H2
  • 324240-3, CSA, IIC
  • 324240-21, FM/ATEX/IEC, Marine, IIB+H2
  • 324240-22, FM/ATEX/IEC, Marine, IIC
  • 324240-23, INMETRO, IIB+H2
  • 324240-24, INMETRO, IIC
  • Any X5000 orders requiring remote-mounted sensors and marine approval will continue to require the X5000 remote sensor housing.

Finally, please be advised that this change has resulted in the following JB5000 part number discontinuations:

  • 10213879 JB5000, ¾” NPT Replaced by 10213892
  • 10213893 JB5000, M25 Replaced by 10213896

Download our updated X/S5000 accessories data sheet today. Reach out to your local sales representative if you have any questions.