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MSA Cairns® N5A New Yorker™ & N6A Houston™ Leather Fire Helmets Update
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Please read this article to get the latest updates on both Cairns N5A New Yorker and N6A Houston Leather Helmets.

Since August 2021, we have been working to address several issues related to our Cairns Leather Helmet range. Over the past 12+ months, our teams have investigated multiple potential solutions. That work was further impacted by supply chain constraints and challenges related to the time required to manufacture and evaluate potential solutions.  

Cairns N5A (OSHA-compliant)

We have secured and qualified alternate black paint, which yielded positive results in both appearance and performance. Therefore, all color versions of the N5A are now back in production, and orders for black-painted helmets began shipping last week.  

Cairns N6A (NFPA-compliant)

At the same time, we have also been working to address a non-compliance identified during annual testing of the N6A by our certification agency. At the end of November, MSA received notification that all certification samples passed NFPA testing. The factory is in the process of ramping up for production, which is planned to fully resume by the beginning of February.  

Regarding orders, for customers inquiring about current status, we will ship the oldest orders first (first in, first out).  For any new N6A orders specifically, we are temporarily stopping acceptance until Q2 2023 — this will allow production to focus on reducing our substantial leather helmet backlog.  

On a related note, leather helmet repair work, including re-painting, will continue to be performed in accordance with our warranty policy and product operating manual. We are aware of several helmet restoration companies that are performing helmet repairs and paint modifications.  It is important to note repair, alteration, or replacement of parts for an MSA Cairns Helmet by an unauthorized repair facility can result in the voidance of the warranty and may affect the performance of the helmet. Repair, alteration, or replacement of parts for a Cairns helmet must be performed by an MSA-authorized repair facility (MSA Jacksonville manufacturing plant).  

If you have questions or concerns, please contact your local sales representative or MSA Fire Customer Service at 1-877-MSA-FIRE (1-877-672-3473).