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Will Your Detector Protect You From Carbon Monoxide (CO)?
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Having a CO detector in your home is vital, but will yours work when you need it? CBS uses an ALTAIRĀ® 4X Multigas Detector from MSA to put ten detectors to the test.

After receiving a report from a woman who was hospitalized for carbon monoxide poisoning because her CO detector failed to sound, a Chicago news station teamed up with the Carol Stream Fire Protection District to put ten common household CO detectors to the test. 

ALTAIR 4X Portable Multigas Detector

FireHawk M7 Air Mask While wearing MSA FireHawk® M7 Air Masks for protection, the Chicago area firefighters tested these CO detectors, using the ALTAIR 4X Multigas Detector as the trusted instrument.   



To watch the news story in its entirety, click below:

CBS Chicago