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FieldServer™ Devices Now ODVA® Conformant
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The MSA FieldServer™ Product Suite has passed the Open DeviceNet Vendors Association (ODVA®) conformance testing process.

The FieldServer Gateway Product Suite now provides a flexible, proven EtherNet/IP™ driver solution that is certified by the Open DeviceNet Vendors Association (ODVA®).

MSA’s advanced FieldServer with EtherNet/IP protocol reliably connects to other ODVA-certified interoperable devices, controllers, sensors, instruments, and systems all within the same network. Certification of FieldServer’s EtherNet/IP driver by ODVA assures users that MSA’s software has been rigorously reviewed, conformance tested, and meets all the association‘s interoperability standards. 

ODVA’s conformance testing process is objective, independent, and thorough, which means that FieldServer’s compliance with ODVA’s EtherNet/IP driver standards is verified and confirmed without bias. It should be noted that MSA’s FieldServer passed the test the first time and is now in the process of ODVA product registration.

Among the advantages offered by FieldServer Gateways and Routers featuring EtherNet/IP protocol is enabling seamless connectivity, as well as swift and secure transfer of data to and from devices. Choosing an ODVA-conformant EtherNet/IP gateway offers users peace of mind as they move closer to Industry 4.0.