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Revised PIN Article for MSA C.A.R.E. Centers
  • Supplied-Air Respirators Supplied-Air Respirators
The following PIN Article regarding MSA Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) was revised to correct a typographical error.

Quick-Fill® System and URC Coupling Function Test - Dated January 22, 2009

Revision 0 of this PIN Article contained an error in the date code range listed on page 2 of the document. (The date code range was listed correctly on page 1 of the document and also on the replacement form.) Revision 1 has the date code corrected on page 2. Please refer to revision 1 of this document and destroy revision 0. Please distribute this document internally to all MSA C.A.R.E. technicians and others who may need to be aware of this information at your location.


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