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New Customer Feedback Tool
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MSA end user customers and channel partners provide unsolicited feedback about their experiences through emails, support calls, online chat sessions, sales meetings and social media.  These communications offer an endless source of honest feedback and unstructured insight.  The challenge is being able to collect, or mine all the feedback and use it to improve the customer experience.

Beginning April 1, we will launch a new vehicle for customers to provide MSA with unstructured feedback about anything they want.  We are adding a "How Are We Doing" button to the public websites in United States, Canada, Germany, China, and Brazil.  Customers who choose to click the link will be offered an open dialogue box with an invitation to provide feedback on their experience with MSA.  No specific survey questions, just a blank slate that can be used to give us feedback on any topic.  Even telling us who they are will be optional.  If the customer wants to be contacted after leaving their comments, they will have the option to leave contact information.

This is the first step in our plan to add this option to all MSA public websites.  All the feedback we receive will be coordinated through the Customer Experience Department and shared with associates and departments that can help resolve issues and improve the customer experience.

This is just another step in the evolution of our feedback process.  Instead of collecting customer feedback through a structured satisfaction survey, we are expanding the collection of unstructured feedback when our customers want to provide it!

Tim Proctor

Tim Proctor, Manager, Global Customer Experience

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