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Service Manual Updates – March 2023
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As of February 27, 2023, the G1 CARE Manuals listed below have been revised to emphasize the importance of completing static medium pressure testing at each annual flow test, and at any repair or replacement of the first stage pressure reducer.

The following manuals are approved for authorized MSA Trained and Certified CARE service technicians ONLY. For a summary of the latest revisions, please refer to the CHANGE SUMMARY section of each manual.

  • PN 10164855_r15   CARE, G1, Pressure Reducer (Including Handwheel)
  • PN 10166407_r10   CARE, G1, Introduction
  • PN 10199499_r03   CARE, G1, RIT System
  • PN 10213277_r02   CARE, G1, 2018 SCBA, NFPA 1981/1982 Upgrade Instructions
  • PN 10187983_r03   ICARE, G1, Introduction
  • PN 10187987_r05   ICARE, G1, Direct Connect Pressure Reducer
  • PN 10207340_r04   ICARE, G1, Remote Connect Pressure Reducer (Including Handwheel)

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