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It's Earth Day, so go GREEN...V-Gard® GREEN!
  • Head, Eye, Face and Hearing Head, Eye, Face and Hearing
Finally, a helmet that protects more than just your head!

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According to EarthDay.org, failure to implement sustainable behavior will threaten the living conditions of future generations.

That's why MSA introduced the V-Gard® GREEN Protective Helmet. Made of green high-density polyethylene (GHDPE), a biopolymer derrived from sugarcane-based ethanol, it is the world's first hard hat made from renewable resources.

The V-Gard GREEN offers the added benefits of cutting carbon emissions and reducing atmospheric CO2 because it is made of plant-derived GHDPE.  Not to mention, V-Gard GREEN, like traditional V-Gard helmets, are designed to stay out of landfills—both types of helmets can be recycled (“Number 2 Plastics” symbol).

To learn more, click below to view the V-Gard GREEN Materials Video from Braksem.

V-Gard GREEN Materials video