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FlameGardĀ® 5 MSIR Flame Detector Put to the Test; See Results for Yourself!
  • Fixed Gas & Flame Detection Fixed Gas & Flame Detection

In MSA's recently renovated Test Center for Fixed Gas and Flame Detection (FGFD) products, on-site and online flame detector demonstrations show how MSA's Detectors have raised the bar in flame detection, setting a new industry standard.

FlameGard 5 MSIR Detector

The FlameGard 5 MSIR Flame Detector was recently put to the test.  It successfully detected a fire from 50 feet, then at a distance of 230 feet.  The MSA FlameGard 5 Detector "sees" the fire and monitors it until it is extinguished.  CLICK below to view the video and learn more. 

MSA Flame Building Testing Center

The MSA Test Center is available for live, on-site demonstrations.  What's more, we can perform remote demonstrations and help guide you through simulations with a knowledgeable product manager who can answer your questions. 

If you would like to see a demonstration, please contact your local Manufacturer Representative.