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Now Available: GASSONIC OBSERVER-i Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector (UGLD) White Paper and FAQ's
  • Fixed Gas & Flame Detection Fixed Gas & Flame Detection

Ultrasonic Gas Detectors with Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Intelligence Improve Process Safety While Reducing False Alarms, ID 1438-12

GASSONIC white paperLearn about the challenges that conventional contact-based gas sensors (catalytic bead and infrared types) face in detecting high pressure gas releases in outdoor environments, and how the newer UGLDs are becoming common as part of a comprehensive protection scheme that may include the use of all of the technologies.

UGLDs offer a number of advantages including immunity to gas dispersion from wind, which is a serious potential limitation with point and infrared sensing detectors. 

Adding ANN intelligence capability to UGLDs provides a new tool that can help detect real gas leaks and avoid nuisance false alarms. The GASSONIC OBSERVER-i UGLD reliably detects leaks below 20 kHz, protecting people, equipment and facilities from hazardous gas leaks.



To learn more about the most intelligent detector available today, this fact sheet provides detailed information about frequently asked questions, covering everything from ANN inteligence: what it is and how it works, to Classic Mode versus Enhanced Mode, to how to calibrate, and more.