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Toxgard® II Gas Monitor Available With New Quiet Pump Option
  • Fixed Gas & Flame Detection Fixed Gas & Flame Detection
Toxgard II Monitors can be used in any application where the threat of combustible gas buildup, presence of toxic gases, or oxygen deficiency may exist.

ToxGuard II

Toxgard® II Gas Monitor now has two pump options:  The new indoor (QUIET) pump and the standard electric pump.  The new indoor pump option is ideal for applications where the monitor will be located in, or near, occupied space such as MRI Rooms. 

Toxgard II Gas Monitor operates at a decibel level as low as 45dB, leading to extremely quiet operation reducing any nuisance noise, and is rated for temperatures down to 5°C.  For operating temperatures lower than 5°C, the standard electric pump option should be used.

Literature available on the MSA Asset Library:

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