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New Calibration Gas Options Now Available
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Calibration gas

We are pleased to announce that many of the high volume calibration gas mixtures are now available in 116 liter cylinders.  These new, larger cylinders will not only reduce waste, but will prove to be both cost and time effective by reducing the number of cylinder change outs. 

In addition, several new cylinders are now available to support the ALTAIR® 2X Detector platform.  These new cylinders are RFID tagged and can be used in your existing GALAXY® GX2 test stands.  Only MSA Calibration Cylinders are RFID tagged for easy use with the Galaxy GX2.  

Like all MSA Calibration Gas, reliability is ensured by mixing these gases to a NIST traceable standard.  Every MSA gas cylinder is shipped with an MSDS and Individual Certificate of Analysis to ensure mixture reliability.

To learn more, please review:

Calibration Accessories Bulletin

Calibration Gas Cylinders and Accessories, ID 0800-45-MC



Calibration Technical Brief

MSA Calibration Test Gas Technical Brief, ID 0800-89-MC.



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