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New Z-Gard® Sensor and Controller Literature Now Available
  • Fixed Gas & Flame Detection Fixed Gas & Flame Detection

For your convenience, we have produced five Z-Gard Sensor and Controller product bulletins that are now available on the MSA Asset Library.  Designed to be user-friendly, the condensed format highlights the features and benefits specific to each of the folowing Z-Gard Sensors and Controllers:

Z-Gard Sensors:  Reliable Gas Sensors for Commercial Applications

Z-Gard S Lit

Z-Gard S Sensors- ID 07-2183:

The Z-Gard S Sensor is designed to detect the presence of carbon
monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and combustible gases in air.  Z-Gard sensors employ solid state, electrochemical or catalytic sensors which generate an output signal proportional to the calibrated operating range.


Z-Gard DS Sensor Lit

Z-Gard DS Sensors - ID 07-2184:

The Z-Gard DS Sensor is designed to detect the presence of carbon
monoxide and nitrogen dioxide gases in parking garages, vehicle
storage areas or wherever else these two toxic gases could be found.
The DS offers the benefit of two points of detection in one enclosure.

Z-Gard Controllers:  Reliable Microprocessor-Based Controllers for Commercial Applications:

Z-Gard C Controller - ID 0Z-Gard C Controller Lit7-0800:

Z-Gard C Controller is a stand alone micro-processor based
controller system designed to solve a variety of gas detection alarm
and control applications. Easy installation and configuration via the
front mounted keypad provides seamless integration with commercial
and building automation systems via dry contract output.

Z-Gard CXII LitZ-Gard CX II Controller - ID 07-0813:

Z-Gard CX II Controller includes digital communication output via BACnet MS/TP or Modbus RTU. This microprocessor-based controller can manage up to 99 Z-Gard sensors, automatically detecting the type of sensor connected and output range for easy system configuration. All data is seamlessly integrated directly to the building.

Z-Gard C485 LitZ-Gard C 485 Controller - ID 07-0814:

The Z-Gard C 485 Controller accepts RS-485 from remote Z-Gard
sensors. The controller automatically detects attached sensors and
determines their full-scale value. Set points and readout displays are
automatically adjusted to match the sensor operating range. Ideal for
protection in small to mid-sized single and dual zone applications.