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GALAXY® Automated Test Stands Discontinued
  • Portable Gas Detection Portable Gas Detection

GALAXY GX2Effective December 31, 2014, MSA will discontinue several Galaxy automated test stands.  GALAXY GX2 Automated Test Stand can be used by customers as part of the phased Galaxy system discontinuation.

The change will affect the following test stands:

  • GALAXY Automated Test Stand for ALTAIR®/ALTAIR Pro Single-gas Detectors
  • GALAXY Automated Test Stand for ALTAIR 5/5X Multi-gas Detectors

The discontinuation date for the following two test stand types is pending, and will  be announced shortly in a follow-up letter.

  • GALAXY Automated Test Stand for ALTAIR 4X Multi-gas Detectors
  • GALAXY Automated Test Stand for Solaris® Multi-gas Detectors

MSA will continue to offer the Sirius® GALAXY Automated Test Stand for the Sirius Instrument until that gas detector reaches its' end of Product Life Cycle.

The GALAXY GX2 Automated Test system is offered for the following ALTAIR products:

  • ALTAIR Gas Detector
  • ALTAIR Pro Single Gas Detector
  • ALTAIR 2X Gas Detector
  • ALTAIR 4/4X Multigas Detector
  • ALTAIR 5/5X/5XIR Multigas Detector

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  Thank you, for your interest in MSA products.


Jason Fox

Jason A. Fox

Product Line Manager, Portable Instruments

PDF of GALAXY I Product Life Cycle Discontinuation letter