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NEW! Enhanced Comfort Features in CairnsĀ® Fire Helmets
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MSA Cairns Fire Helmets are the best-selling in the market, offering hand-crafted quality and unsurpassed attention to detail.  Now, there are even more reasons to wear MSA Cairns Fire Helmets:  Enhanced comfort features!

  • Low Ride Height Factory Set
    Based on firefighter feedback, MSA ships Cairns Fire Helmets with the suspension automatically set at the lowest right height -- a half-inch lower than before.  Customers can still adjust the height using one of two other settings.  
  • Extended Ear Lap Connection Points
    The hook & loop ear lap connection points have been extended.  This improves the hold to the impact cap assembly and eliminates pressure points caused by bunching material.
  • Easy-to-reach Ratchet Assembly
    The adjustment ratchet is now easily accessible through the "v-shaped" opening at the back of the ear lap.  This change helps prevent the ear lap from bunching near the ratchet assembly when donning the helmet.
  • Reduced Pressure Points
    The thickness of material at the temples has been reduced, and the connection tabs moved to minimize uncomfortable material in contact with skin.  Plus, changes in the way the liner is inserted decreases bunching across the forehead, reducing the potential for headaches.

Look for these improvements in all Cairns Composite Fire Helmets shipping now!