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MSA Customer Experience 2014 Mid-Year Update (EU)
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Announcing the MSA End User Customer Experience

At the start of 2014, MSA Safety strategically prioritized the exceptional, reliable and deliberate Customer Experiences of our End Users as our most important growth opportunity today - and in our future. 


The first half of our 2014 Customer Experience (CX) journey involved input from 24 MSA Distributors and over 100 customer-facing MSA Associates, from across North America, prioritizing End User needs on:  

  1. Expert Support   
  2. Reliable Delivery   
  3. Web Tools   
  4. Training   
  5. Product Issues

Driven by MSA Distributor Validation Meetings on January 14th and April 30th, MSA’s new CX Cross Functional Teams (CFTs) began taking action on over 40 “Priority Touchpoints” (where Distributors and End Users connect to MSA for information, assistance, ordering, service, etc.) tied to those 5 prioritized needs and dedicated to improving several MSA business practices and support systems.  For example the:

  • Subject Matter Expert CFT is now working on initiatives to improve Applications and Technical Support, while developing a more responsive "Customer Culture" to better meet End User needs
  • Delivery Improvement CFT, together with the MSA Global Delivery Improvement Team, is driving consistent delivery dates, standard lead times and ship date change notifications
  • Website CFT, in conjunction with our Global Digital e-Business Team is working to make our website more intuitive, simpler and quicker!

MSA Customer Experience Updates, similar to this one, will continue to be sent out to our End Users and Distributors across North America outlining the progress we are making in these areas. You have received this email because you have subscribed to MSA. As always, if you would like to unsubscribe you can do so below.

Thank you for your business, your contributions to our CX effort, and your support. It is much appreciated as we focus on providing you a Customer Experience - Like No Other!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions; please email me at Larry.Konsin@MSASafety.com  or call my mobile at 412-327-0005 on any MSA Customer Experience.

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