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Introducing the MSA Family of Lite Harnesses and Lanyards
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Lose the Weight

Working all day with the weight of a safety harness makes a tough job even tougher.  MSA EVOTECH® Lite Full Body Harnesses are 20% lighter than standard safety harnesses; workers will feel the difference at the end of a long day!

MSA EVOTECH Lite Harnesses notable features include:

  • NanoSphere coating repels water, dust and dirt:






  • Aluminum buckles and D-rings are lightweight and durable
  • Patent-pending leg strap design keeps leg straps in place, increasing mobility and comfort
  • No binding edge on shoulder padding – prevents neck chafing
  • Breathable padding with moisture-wicking material keeps users cooler
  • Available with Quick-Connect Buckles – makes connecting and adjusting leg straps quick and easy
  • Patent-pending web management system provides means of storing excess  webbing

Diamond Lanyard

MSA Diamond and Workman® Lite Energy Absorbing Lanyard's have a streamlined design that provides a strong and durable polyester sheath that’s abrasion and UV-resistant. But most importantly, by switching from steel to aluminum, we have lightened the load!

Diamond Lanyard notable features include:

  • Highly visible deployment tag
  • Pouchless design for lighter weight and comfortable wear
  • Single- and twin-leg configurations; single-leg is bi-directional
  • Energy absorber keeps fall arrest forces below ANSI and OSHA limits

Workman Lite Lanyards provide an economical option that helps to take off the weight.

So LOSE THE WEIGHT on workers’ shoulders and lighten the compliance load from your back.

MSA provides Fall Protection Solutions.  To learn more, visit www.MSAsafety.com.