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Vehicle Mounted Charger Upgrade for Evolution® 6000 Thermal Imaging Camera
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This letter is in response to customers reporting that Evolution® 6000 TIC Vehicle Mounted Chargers (VMC) stopped charging batteries after a short period of use. MSA investigated the issue and found that an incomplete curing of the conformal coating applied to the printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) during the manufacturing process was conductive, creating this issue. We modified the conformal process in January 2014, which we believed mitigated this issue; however, subsequent reports of discontinued charging were received. As a result, MSA placed a temporary hold on shipping VMCs until this situation could be addressed.

Further investigation confirmed that the root cause of this issue was a tolerance issue on a vendor's component on the PCBA. We have addressed this issue by redesigning the board to with a different component. The updated VMC with new PCBA design was implemented in late August of 2014 and quantities to address fielded units are available as of October 2014.

MSA is committed to quality, customer satisfaction and timely resolution to customer issues. We take pride in listening to customer experiences and resolving their issues. MSA is committed to provide a customer experience like no other to resolve this issue.  To assist customers with affected VMCs manufactured prior to August 2014 MSA is replacing these products with VMCs updated to the new design. The serial number label on the back of the unit indicates a date of manufacture by month and year with an alpha numeric code. The date code is represented by a letter for the month and the last two digits of the year. Units made prior to August 2014 (represented by A-13 through G-14) may be affected by this issue. Any units with a label of H-14 (August 2014) and after already have been updated with the new design. Details about the upgrade program are on the VMC Upgrade and Return Process Form included with this communication.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this issue. We greatly appreciate customer feedback as it has assisted us with taking action to improve the robustness of the product resulting in improved satisfaction for all MSA TIC customers.

Customer satisfaction remains top of mind for us here at MSA. We would like to thank you for your continued support. Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns please don't hesitate to contact MSA Customer Service at 1-866-672-0005.


Steve Bardos

Steve N. Bardos Jr. Product Line Manager - Thermal Imaging Cameras


Vehicle Mounted Charger Upgrade Program & TIC Customer Satisfaction Issue

Evolution® 6000 TIC Vehicle Mounted Charger (VMC) Upgrade and Return Process Form (North America)

To receive an updated VMC from MSA, please:

  1. Call Customer Service at 1-866-672-0005 or complete this form and email it to MSA at productupgradeprogram@MSAsafety.com. 
  2. Upgraded Chargers: We will process the information on this form at no charge and you will receive the upgraded VMCs.
  3. Return: We will issue you a Return Material Notification Number to return the affected units and generate a return shipping label to assist you in the return process. RMAs that are not processed within 90 days of creation will result in billing for product not returned.
  4. Package the VMC in the same box that you received the new unit in, or other suitable box. Write the RMA number on the outside of each box containing a unit.
  5. Ship the unit to the appropriate address listed below and affix the return shipping label on the outside of the box containing the unit.

Please return affected VMCs to:

RMA # ______________
Mine Safety Appliances Co.
Return Materials Dept. - TIC Charger
3880 Meadowbrook Road
Murrysville, PA 15668

We thank you for your cooperation in allowing us to replace all Vehicle Mounted
Chargers with the upgraded design to provide you with the product enhancement.

PDF of letter with VMC Upgrade and Return Form