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Join Us In Celebrating Safety Week 2015!
  • Head, Eye, Face and Hearing Head, Eye, Face and Hearing
  • Fall Protection Fall Protection

Safety Week 2015

Every year, more than 80,000 workers suffer an injury on construction job sites across the United States.  Many construction companies host a Safety Week once a year as a way to refocus and reenergize the commitment to reducing injuries on jobsites. 

Beginning Sunday, May 3rd and running through Saturday, May 9th, over 40 national and global construction firms of The Construction Industry Safety (CISI) Group and the Incident and Injury Free CEO (IIF) Forum will join forces to inspire everyone in the industry to be leaders in safety!

MSA makes it easy to participate in this initiative!  Simply schedule a FREE, OSHA-compliant, on-site safety awareness training for your customers with a MSA demonstration vehicle. Topics of discussion and demonstrations will include:

  • Equipment Inspection & Use
  • Components of a Fall Arrest System
  • Calculating Fall Distance
  • Rescue

FREE giveaways will be available to a limited number of jobsites.  The training and the giveaways are available on a first-come, first-served basis, <so contact your local distributor now to schedule yours TODAY!>

Click HERE to sign up for your FREE on-site training now!

Go to www.safetyweek2015.com for more information on how to be a leader in safety!