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Stay Safe in Tight Places With MSA's NEW Workman® Rescuer
  • Fall Protection Fall Protection

Workman Rescuer

MSA is pleased to introduce the new Workman Rescuer, a key component of the Workman Confined Space Entry Kit!  Designed to protect workers in tight places, MSA's complete Workman Confined Space Entry Kit contains:

  • Workman Tripod -- provides stable base support
  • Workman Winch -- lowers, lifts and positions personnel and materials
  • NEW Workman Rescuer -- provides fall arrest protection to the entrant; enables top-side attendant to safely and quickly retract a stricken worker without entering the confined space.

The entire Workman Confined Space Entry Kit takes only minutes to set up and no special tools are needed.  For more information on the Workman Rescuer and the entire Workman Confined Space Kit, please visit:  http://webapps.msanet.com/landingpages/rescuer/.