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Increase Safety by Using the Multi-Layered Technology Approach
  • Fixed Gas & Flame Detection Fixed Gas & Flame Detection

Gas Detection Technologies YouTube 2

Undetected gas leaks can put lives in danger and bring productivity to a standstill.  Facilities can better protect themselves by applying a human sensory model approach using different gas sensing technologies to form a stronger chain of defense.  This multi-layered technology approach can reduce risk, lower overall cost, and most importantly save lives. 

To better illustrate this technique, MSA & General Monitors created a short YouTube video titled MSA/GM Gas Detection Technologies highlighting this approach and how it works against hazardous effects of gas release.  It is an excellent overview of MSA's sensing technologies and detection methods including:

  • Traditional Smell-based Detectors
  • Optical Open-path Infrared Gas Sensors
  • Gas Imaging and Optical Flame Detectors
  • Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detectors

If you have any questions, contact Ardem Antabian -- MSA/GM OGP Segment Marketing Manager for Fixed Gas and Flame Detection:  ardem.antabian@msasafety.com.

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