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MSA G1 Buddy Breathing APPROVED and SHIPPING!
  • Supplied-Air Respirators Supplied-Air Respirators

G1 ExtendAire BulletinThe MSA G1 ExtendAire™ II System is an Emergency Breathing Supply System (EBSS) accessory allowing firefighters to quickly and easily connect to, and breathe from, a fellow firefighter’s air cylinder.

ExtendAire Systems are tightly integrated with SCBA to provide unrestricted mobility and easy access during critical situations.  Some notable features include:

  • Quick-connect with integrated check valve that prevents ambient air contamination.
  • Integrated rescue hose with both male and female quick-connect fittings.
  • Waist pouch storage that mounts on the carrier assembly.
  • Low profile design helps to prevent snagging and accidental opening.

For more information, refer to MSA G1 ExtendAire II System or contact MSA Customer Service at 1-877-MSA-FIRE.