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Introducing the NEW Gravity® Suspension Harness
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Gravity Susp Harness

The Gravity Suspension Harness provides unparalleled comfort for all applications that require extended periods of time in a fall protection harness.  This includes general industry, utilities, construction, wind energy, and many others. 

The features and benefits of this new family of harnesses are specifically designed to reduce fatigue, and allow users to comfortably perform their duties more efficiently.  Models are also designed for very easy donning, one-hand adjustment at all adjusters, and modern styling.  Other product highlights include:

  • Eight adjustment points for perfect sizing and fit.
  • Fold back hip D-rings that allow users to reduce possible snag hazards.
  • Robust, comfortable lumbar & shoulder padding.
  • Tool loops with internal rigid supports to make connection of tools easier.
  • Tool loops on leg straps provide more tool holding options.

For more information, refer to Gravity Suspension Harness Bulletin or contact MSA Customer Service 1-800-672-2222.