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Where Tradition Meets Innovation: Introducing the NEW Impact Cap for MSA CairnsĀ® 1010/1044 Fire Helmets!
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Impact Cap Cutaway

The NEW impact cap for MSA Cairns 1010/1044 Fire Helmets, as previewed earlier this year at FDIC, has many exciting features firefighters confirm they love; easy removal for cleaning, accommodates head sizes up to 8 3/4, and faster nape adjustment -- to name a few.  Any orders placed on, or after, November 11, 2015 will be shipped with the NEW impact cap for MSA Cairns 1010/1044 Fire Helmets!  For details, please visit MSA's MSA's Cairns Helmet Community Landing Page.

Have a Cairns 1010/1044 Fire Helmet now?  No worries!  You can order a replacement impact cap kit:

Cairns Impact Cap part #s

For more information, contact MSA Customer Service 1-877-MSA-FIRE.