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"Q&A: How Modern Gas & Flame Monitoring Technologies Enable Chemical Safety" Featured in Flow Control Magazine!
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Flow Control

The MSA Q&A article featured in the October edition of Flow Control Magazine was written by our own Ardem Antabian, OGP Segment Marketing Manager, from Lake Forest, California.  The article was based on the Gas Sensing Technologies Video currently located on the MSA Fixed Gas and Flame Detection Webpage.

About the article:  It is an unfortunate reality that most accidents are due to human error.  For this reason, the fixed gas and flame detection industry is now designing safety systems with the capability to monitor facilities with little-to-no human interaction.  Q&A: How Modern Gas & Flame Monitoring Technologies Enable Chemical Safety focuses on the safety challenges facing industrial facilities, and emphasizes how traditional and new technologies are helping to increase coverage through layers of protection.

About the magazine:  Since its launch in 1995, Flow Control Magazine has been the only source dedicated exclusively to technologies and applications for fluid movement, measurement and containment.  This annual publication is circulated to more than 36,000 qualified subscribers.

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